VEX IQ Crossover. Introduction to extending attachment to grab a second object

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  • 12 Jun 2017
  • 1:44


In this section of the course and the following few sections we would start with building the same attachment for grabbing a Hexball or another object but extending it so that we can grab a few Hexballs or a few other objects. Let's first discuss the details, set the tasks and then we continue with building and completing the tasks. Why do you need to extend your attachments? First, let's start from here, from why. Because at most of the competitions you're required to manipulate a few objects at a time like these Hexballs and each Hexball or each object that you grab, move and place correctly gives you a point and you are limited by the time. So, if you have an attachment and a robot that could manipulate more objects at a time you'll get more points. Our idea is to start from a single attachment that we've already presented and extend this attachment so that we can manipulate two Hexballs. What you should do is to follow the tasks that we give in the course to follow the building instructions for the different attachments and where there are no building instructions but there is a task to just try to accomplish the task. If you have problems, we have default building instructions that you can use but try to be creative and to think of your own ways when there is a task or your own ways to extend these attachments.