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  • 28 Jan 2020

The EV3 brick is turned on using the middle button and takes around 1-2 minutes to boot up. When it turns on, it places you in the main menu, which looks like this:

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In this menu, you can navigate with the Up and Down buttons. To find your program, you need to enter the "File Browser". If there is more than one project, you will get a list of all projects on the brick and you must select yours:

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When you select your project, the robot will show you everything there is in it. Your program is called "" and selecting it will start it. Go to the robot test zone before you start your robot.


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Returning to the menu is done by selecting the "../" option in the menu or pressing the side button under the brick screen:

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If you press the return to menu button while the program is running, it will be interrupted. If you press the button for returning to the menu while you are on the main menu, the brick will ask you if you wish to shut it down:

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