Robotics Summer Camps

FLLCasts enables you to organize and conduct robotics summer camps with ease

Choose a theme course or create a new mixed course, create a group, post the registration link and you are all set. That is just how simple it is. Everything else is handled by the platform, so that you can focus on engaging and motivating students.

Contact us now, to learn more on how you can integrate FLLCasts in your summer camp:


Teachers should be teachers

Focus on what you are good at - motivating and engaging students. Leave the group administration & registration to us. No longer think about spreadsheets and emails. We provide you with everything needed - from registration form through grader report till automated emails.

Track your students' progress and share automatically with parents

Confirm challenges solved by students and track their progress through the course. Compare their results with your previous groups or course average. Automatically send email to parents regarding their student's performance.

Build your curriculum in minutes

Choose from multiple themed courses such as animal robots, security systems, vehicles and many more or create a new unique mix of topics. All of the lessons are flexible, so that you do not have to worry about having students at different level in the same group.

Gain advantage from other's experience

As the famous saying goes "smart people learn from their own mistakes, wise people learn from others". Each lesson comes with teacher's notes, where we provide you a helpful summary of other teachers' experience.

More than "just" robotics

The great thing about FLLCast's resources is that they not only engage students with STEM and prepare them for future engineering job, but they provide so much more. Students learn how to cooperate with each other, how to present their solutions and further develop their personal skills. Most of the lessons contain additional information on the topic, which you can tell students to broaden their general knowledge.

All of this at a great and flexible price

Pay as you go. Start at $12 per user per month with discount applicable for larger quantities. So for a summer camp group with 20 students you get all of this for just $240. Get in touch with us to integrate FLLCasts in your summer camps!