Goals of the perfect STEM course and what to expect from it.

In the first module of the perfect STEM Course we will move fast, but not deep. We would explore a number of different areas of technical science like electronics, Linux, programming, mobile technologies, AI without getting into too many details. The goal is for us to arrive at a working Remote Control car controlled from the phone and to learn basic concepts on which we could extend.

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  • 01 Feb 2018

Entering into details

If you are interested in a particular topic that we discuss you can stop the course and explore additional materials and resources.

Everything is already ready

Most of the programs that we present in the course would already be implemented. You can just download and run them without looking into the details of how they are implemented. The Python program for controlling the motors, for example, will already be implemented and ready to use. What you should do is to download it from the site, try to run it, run it, see how it works, and then try to modify it. In this way, you would get the basic understanding of how the program works.

Building from scratch

There would be things that we would build from scratch. Programs that we will start implementing from scratch. But not that many especially in this course. 

Used hardware and Remote Control Car

Different cars and hardware could be used for this course. It is not limited to a specific car. We understand that with the hundreds and thousands of cities in which this course would be implemented it is hard to fix the course to a specific car. We would show examples with a few cars, but the knowledge is general and applicable to each Remote Control Car. What is fixed is that we are using Raspberry Pi. This and some of the others components is something that you should acquire.