The FCC in USA is about to vote to get rid of the net neutrality, letting ISP's censor and throttle websites, and charge extra fees. This would allow ISP's to throttle this site, when they don't like the idea of every student learning about robotics, technologies and generally how to think.

The FCC will end net neutrality on Dec 14th if we don't convince Congress to stop them. Join the Protest and Contact Congress to save net neutrality.

If you are not from USA you should also be alarmed. Similar policies are already in the process of implementation in the other 59 countries in which is used. We should fight for our Internet freedom regardless of where we are from.

VEX IQ Crossover. Preventing gear wheels from skipping a tooth while rotating Pro Preview

  • #547
  • 04 Aug 2017
  • 1:21


The third important thing about this attachment is that we've incorporated a solution for these two gear wheels on how not to skip a tooth when they rotate. And we've discussed this in many previous videos but let's stop at this problem one more time. The rule is very simple. If you have gear wheels, what you should try to do is to have a beam on both sides of the gear wheels. So a beam here. And a beam here. And this will keep the two gear wheels in place and they won't bend and they won't skip a tooth. Right here we don't have a beam on the other side of the gear wheel. And that's because we need to attach this beam to rotate. But that's an exception. As a rule - always try to have a beam on both sides of the gear wheels. As we have one here and one here. And the same applies here. We have the motor on one side of the gear wheels and we have the beam on the other side of the gear wheels. This will prevent the gear wheels from skipping a tooth.