LEGO Mindstorms SUMO

I want to build the best SUMO robot?

Sumo is one of the most popular categories in the robitics competition. It is also one of the easiest and most difficult one at the same time. The goal of the LEGO sumo competition is to push the other robot out of the ring. And that's it. You can just move forward and try to push the other robot, or you could make something smarter. Use a few sensors to detect the other robot, use good construction for good traction, try to lift the other robot, and of course do not exit the ring accidentally. All this could lead to a pretty complex strategy. We think this is why LEGO sumo is so popular - everybody could play it and if you are more experienced you can always make the robot smarter.

LEGO Robot Constructions for Sumo competitions

Here are a few constructions that you could use:

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