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Tips and tricks for FLL 2017 Hydrodynamics

We are not releasing any "solutions". As mentors, there are some directions we could give. As a team, you could learn from our tutorials and building instructions and develop your own solutions to the missions. When you do, send us some pictures and videos :)

A very good description of the missions could be found at the first lego league site


What we could do as mentors is to help with directions and questions based on experience and tutorials from previous years. We plan to update the page a few more times during the season, so check for updates from time to time.

Mission Models Pictures

You can use the mission models pictures released under Creative Commons License. Article is here - FIRST LEGO League 2017 Hydrodynamics Mission Models in CC License

Missions Inspiration and Directions

Mission and tags


Look for inspiration at:

01. Pipe removal

Learn how to prepare for FIRST LEGO League

loop collect,

passive/active attachment

It's just one loop, so probably the simplest attachment will do the job. However, the loop should be lifted during collection, so it's best to go with the rubber band attachments

02. Flow

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Flow Mission Model

rotate lever,

passive/active lever

You should rotate the lever just 90 degrees so it can be achieved with simple passive lever and movement of the robot, as well as with active lever. I would suggest to take a look at the section with attachments from course 6 or just have a passive lever.

03. Pump addition

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Pipe Additiona Mission Model

push precise,


It could be achieved with active attachment, but I believe that a passive attachment and just precise movement of the robot around the field would do the job.

04. Rain

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Rain Mission Model



Just passive lever, which is high enough will do the job. Then the robot move and the lever push the mission objective.

05. Filter

06. Water Treatement

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Water Treatment Mission Model


active lever

Take a look at the attachments from course six. Most of them will do the job.

07. Fountain

08. Manhole Covers

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics  Manhole Mission Model

drop in place,

active claw

We actually don't have a lot of resources for a similar mission. We would try to build after this competition

09. Tripod

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Tripod Mission Model



It could be achieved with active attachment, but I believe that a passive attachment and just precise movement of the robot around the field would do the job.

10. Pipe replacement

11. Pipe construction

12. Sludge

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Sludge Mission Model

drop/push precise

Again, we don't have a specific resource, but it is just pushing with the robot

13. Flower

14. Flower Bonus

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Flower Bonus Mission Model

drop in place,

active claw

Same as the flower, but more precise and on smaller scale

15. Water Well

16. Fire

17. Water Collection

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Water Collection Mission Model

with the robot/passive attachment

Ok, we would have to think about it :)

18. Slingsot

19. Faucet

FIRST LEGO League Hydrodynamics Faucet Mission Model

rotate lever

active attachment

We would have think about this