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How to calibrate the EV3 Gyro Sensor and remove its drift (hardware solution) Pro Preview

Many teams are having troubles with the EV3 Gyro Sensor and its drift. Based on a request from Sharon and Faye (full names omitted) in this video we are showing one way to fix this behaviour and get an accurate measurement from the sensor. 

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  • 01 Jan 2017
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What is the "drift"?

When you connect the sensor to the brick it shows a certain value. Then, after a moment it shows another value even though nor the sensor or the Mindstorms robot is moving. This makes it difficult to use the sensor for positioning the robot.

This problem has been reported many times and discussed in many forums. 

There is a hardware and a software solution

In this video we are stopping at the hardware solution. In some of the next videos we would stop at different software solutions.

More on the gyro sensor

Check out the How to Use EV3 Gyro Sensor of the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Set video tutorial


- The gyro sensor of the Mindstorms' EV3 robot has a famous problem. It's called the gyro drift. As you can see currently the value detected by the sensor is changing although we are not moving the robot. We got a request from several teams to explore different solutions of this problem. And in this video we're gonna stop at the hardware solution.

It's quite simple and when you get to this point, see the gyro drift? You just unplug the sensor. Then you make sure you don't move the robot. And then you just plug to make sure we don't move it. We plug the sensor again.

As you can see, the drift is now gone and if I move the robot, it detects the angle of rotation.

Again, if we unplug the sensor and if we plug it while moving the brick.

We get the drift. The brick is not moving, but the values are changing. So you just unplug. Wait for a while. Make sure you don't move the robot. Plug it gain.

And the drift is gone.