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Learn how to build LEGO robots and win the FIRST LEGO League competition.

Using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and NXT robotics kits we give curriculum ideas, share professional experience and teach students to think and develop as engineers.

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Image for Gapped & Crossed Line Following. Part 5. Detect Gap Icon marking that this video tutorial is pro
  • # 208
  • 10 Feb 2016
  • 5:35

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Image for Robotics Game of Life
Image for Gapped and Crossed Line Following with LEGO Mindstorms
Image for Proportional Line Following with LEGO Mindstorms EV3
Image for EV3 Robot with Motors in Opposite Directions. The Frankenstein.

Testimonials (15)

What a great videos you have produced! I think my FLL friends and I can learn so much from them, especially those about gears. I quickly browsed through all the videos to see which ones are EV3 related & can help tune our 2015 Trash Trek Challenge robot even if after the competition now. Unfortunately, I didn't find any videos on Trash Trek yet, but there were lots of great videos about gears that I liked & going to show to my FLL team when we meet.

Looking forward to seeing your solutions for this year's robot game.

Let me convey my immense thanks to you and team for all that great information you have been posting on I am happy to let you know that the EV3 Championship base robot design that you provided was what we used for our Qualifier and State tournament.

The team won 652 points in State (coming 3rd in Robot Performance) and also won the Garmin 1st Place award for Robot Design. Please keep the great work coming.

We just finished our competition at the state level, and I wanted to thank you for the help that your videos, programs, and attachments gave to my team. We received 1st place in Strategy and Innovation, and top scores in all the technical areas. In robot performance, we came in 8th overall, with over 400 points (and then 2nd overall in an unofficial playoffs among the top 8).

I believe it was because of all that we learned from your website. Although we adapted/revised everything for our situation, we used the competition robot for our robot design, the carabiner to get valuables, the rubber band attachment to get the methane loop, and the line follower program to help us navigate. I've hated to share our secret source, but after the competition, I did pass your website info on to some other coaches.


An AMAZING FIRST LEGO League day! I am so proud how all the Minions performed! It highlighted a wonderful year of hard work and dedication that turned into some grand accomplishments.

The Yellow LEGO Minions ended up the overall Champion's Awards with the best display of Gracious Professionalism, top performer in Project, Core Values, and Robot Design. They also received the Robot Performance Award for achieving 620 points. The Purple LEGO Minions received the Robot Design award... an awesome accomplishment for a group of 4th graders and a very smart 5th grader. Their robot ended up with a score of 488. Both will advance on to North Idaho Regional (most likely January 23rd) at University of Idaho.

We owe some of our success to you and your help. Greatly appreciate how you mentored both teams with quick response, lessons, and new ideas. Something the coaches definitely do not have the time to think of their own.

Key to success - USE THE SENSORS... especially the Gyro! :)

Videos and pictures posted on our Facebook Page -

From - ASCS LEGO Minions and ASCS Purple LEGO Minions and Tim

We love your videos. I am a subscriber and we are using them to help as a virtual coach for our FLL team of 8 11 year old girls.We looked for a coach in Boston that could take the girls to the next level, but could only find people who could provide coaching for the basics. When we found your videos, it was like we found a virtual coach that could take the girls to the next level! Thank you!
Wow!! and Wow!! You guys are amazing! This is so helpful. I have shared it with my team and with Jen Velez, the FLL coordinator of our state at Arizona State University. Thanks again for your help, it will make our season that much more productive and fun!
I think your site is extremely helpful for the kids to go through the videos and get ideas especially the young kids who are just starting. The construction explanation and also the programming explanation has been really helpful and easy to understand the reasoning behind why it is done that way. Your videos and the site has been really helpful, I have been subscribing for more than a year now. Great Job.
I'd love to see some examples of a robot photos/videos and your rationale to judge. Love your site.
That is Awe*Some...I will be sure to let other teams know... Thanks for your hard work! My students love the videos and get excited when they learn something new, like how to use the rubber bands. It's been very helpful in keeping the learning exciting. Michelle
Thank you. Finding your website is a blessing for me.I wish I have seen your video earlier so my students will have more time to make innovations of their robot for the FLL qualifying rounds. Your website is very informative. It is absolutely useful. Thank you for allowing me to view it. Currently, I have one team who will participate in the FLL. Our preliminary competition will be on January 31. We are done with the project but since we have limited background about programming and using Lego NXT mindstorm we have not completed all the challenges. Every time we test the robot, their movement change. There are times we got it then, when we repeat it it move different. So, when I saw your website and watch the video on preparing robot for a competition I understand what is happening.
I first found your website through one of your free videos. I was looking for a way to improve my FLL team's buidling skills, as well as looking for a new way to teach them to approach the table missions. We usually watch YouTube videos, but cannot really make out the details of the robots and certainly cannot understand how the more successful ones are built. I have found your site to be extremely helpful.
Thank you so much! Don't ever take this video off please! You have no idea how many times i used it.
OMG Thank you so much! I spent two hours trying to get this to work but then I found this video and got it done in 15 minutes. I'm so happy right now :D
I watched your video and it was very informative. I am looking forward to see upcoming tutorials. I am FLL mentor and I give your resources to my students. Thank you for sharing.
Thank-you for your site. I’m a new coach to 4H robotics and FLL. (I’ve only ever used the NXT system as a data collector for science fair club.) I joined your site to get ideas about what the basic FLL Robot is and things I need to learn so that I can teach them to the kids. Your site is really great. I started with your directions on how to build a competition bot first. The basic episodes are a lot of help. The kids seem to learn a lot more from watching the videos than from reading several of the books that I have purchased for them. Hopefully, by the end of the season, the kids will have progressed into some of your pro episodes. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. It gave us a great starting point and a fun look at what the future has in store for our club.

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