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Detect crossed lines and follow a line with only ONE Light sensor

Learn how to:

  1. Use the minimum of just ONE sensor
  2. Follow lines
  3. Detect crossed lines
  4. Handle obstacles (like someone holding you back)

We would soon build an online course especially for this, but until then you can register for our Online Teachers Training



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Testimonials (17)

Federi Bernardini, Educational Director of RobotiCamp, April 2016

The videos on FLLCasts are a great source of inspiration for us to come up with new ideas and ways to introduce teachings and skills the robot should possess. Our latest mission was precisely based on a FLL route and the skills were that of the follower of lines.

Kimberly DeMaro, Feb 2016

I am not a teacher, I coach a home-based team. Most of my team ages out of the program this year so I am about sure about next year.

We think your videos are terrific--the best we've watched.

Good luck in the future.

Tim Gubski, Jan 2016

What a great videos you have produced! I think my FLL friends and I can learn so much from them, especially those about gears. I quickly browsed through all the videos to see which ones are EV3 related & can help tune our 2015 Trash Trek Challenge robot even if after the competition now. Unfortunately, I didn't find any videos on Trash Trek yet, but there were lots of great videos about gears that I liked & going to show to my FLL team when we meet.

Looking forward to seeing your solutions for this year's robot game.

Suraj Varma, Jan 2016

Let me convey my immense thanks to you and team for all that great information you have been posting on I am happy to let you know that the EV3 Championship base robot design that you provided was what we used for our Qualifier and State tournament.

The team won 652 points in State (coming 3rd in Robot Performance) and also won the Garmin 1st Place award for Robot Design. Please keep the great work coming.

Sarah Winne, Gifted and Talented Specialist, Conners Emerson School, Dec 2015

We just finished our competition at the state level, and I wanted to thank you for the help that your videos, programs, and attachments gave to my team. We received 1st place in Strategy and Innovation, and top scores in all the technical areas. In robot performance, we came in 8th overall, with over 400 points (and then 2nd overall in an unofficial playoffs among the top 8).

I believe it was because of all that we learned from your website. Although we adapted/revised everything for our situation, we used the competition robot for our robot design, the carabiner to get valuables, the rubber band attachment to get the methane loop, and the line follower program to help us navigate. I've hated to share our secret source, but after the competition, I did pass your website info on to some other coaches.

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